About the Photography

I've been referred to as a 'perfectionist' when it comes to my photography. Of course, knowing that nothing in life is 'perfect', I can only state that I set my standards high, and know that each image is a reflection of the amount of care and effort I put in to not only the photography...but also it's presentation to you.

With each image that passes my personal critique I take the time, and the liberty, to work each one toward it's best possible presentation. That is, you will find images that I've given a painterly look, as well as black and whites, sepia tones, and color. They are offered in various finishes including matte and high gloss, as well as on special Giclee (pronounced zhee-CLAY) canvas and watercolor papers. Please read the link which explains these different finishes. Click on 'Purchasing Information' at the top of the page.

I can find no easier way to explain my photographic work than to simply say...it is my passion. Step into the American West as I see it from behind the camera. And enjoy the journey.

Feel free to send any comments, questions, or purchasing inquiries by copying and pasting this email address: gary@deserthorse.com On the subject line please specify Desert Horse Studio. I'll personally respond as soon as possible.